<i>Arrested Development</i> Season 4 Gains Mae Whitman, Liza Minelli

Arrested Development's fourth season has just gained two of the show's fan-favorite secondary characters: Ann Veal (her?) and Lucille Austero.

During an interview with Hollywood.com, Mae Whitman confirmed she's going to be back for the new season of Arrested Development whether series creator Mitch Hurwitz wants it or not.

"I definitely, definitely wouldn't ever let this chance go by without being a part of it," Whitman said. "I told Mitch that I would stand outside the sound stage until he would let me just walk through the background or something. I would say yes, you can definitely expect to find a little bit of Ann."

Meanwhile, TV Guide has confirmed that Liza Minelli will return as Lucille Austero.

We’re intrigued to discover what role Lucille 2 will have to play in Season 4. Last we saw, she was dating Bluth family rival Stan Sitwell, but maybe she's gone back to Buster (or Gob) in the time since. As long as she's still the neighbor of Lucille Bluth, we'll be happy.

Ann, on the other hand, has been the butt of countless jokes from Michael Bluth, so we'd love to see the tables turn in the new episodes and now have her character be someone he can't ignore. We could totally see Ann having become a political figure or someone of high standing in the time since Arrested Development went off the air, but that likely wouldn't stop Michael from asking, "Her?"

Hopefully Ann and Lucille will pop up in multiple episodes in various characters' story arcs. Hurwitz recently told Vulture that, even though each of the season's 10 to 13 episodes will focus on a different character, there's a chance many of the characters in the series will overlap.

“The episodes take the audience through the experiences of the characters since the family ‘fell apart’ and how they’re brought together to deal with their new problems,” he said. “Each episode is about a character -- but we’ll see them in each other’s shows.”

Arrested Development will air on Netflix in spring 2013, though no official air date has been announced.

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