<i>Arrested Development</i> Premiere, Episode Titles (Briefly) Revealed

Oh, Fox, when will you stop toying with Arrested Development fans? Sunday, the network's publicity website announced not only the proposed release date for the fourth season of the beloved series on Netflix, but also the titles of each of the 14 episodes. And now all the information is gone from site. Luckily, Oh No They Didn't! and other outlets were there to capture the information before it went down.

As you can see below, the series apparently is set to premiere May 4 on Netflix, with every episode available on that day. The season will be comprised of episodes focusing on each character. When the project was announced, the plan was to reintroduce the characters to the audience and each other in an effort to catch everyone back up before jumping into a film.

The real question is why Fox pulled the information. Was it released too soon? Is it based on old data? Last we heard, the series got bumped up to between 12 and 15 episodes, which seems to be reflected here, perhaps the extra time for shooting those new episodes altered the release date a bit.

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