'Arrested Development' Is Getting 17 More Episodes, Producer Says

In the first substantial "Arrested Development" update in some time, Imagine Entertainment Co-Chairman Brian Grazer revealed there will be more episodes of the cult-favorite comedy -- quite a few more.

"We’re going to do another ... 17 episodes," he told Bill Simmons on the "B.S. Report" podcast (skip to 24:30 in the video below). "So, stay tuned for 'Arrested Development.'”

As Uproxx notes, it's certainly not an official announcement, and Simmons didn't even bat an eye at the comment. However, Grazer's remarks seem to indicate honest-to-goodness progress in discussions that have been going on since Netflix revived "Arrested Development" in 2013.

The streaming service has remained confident that there would be a fifth season, but issues with both scheduling and writing -- cast availability necessitated the format shift that disappoint so many fans -- have seemed to get in the way. Perhaps Grazer's comments are a sign those roadblocks have been removed.

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