Around The World in 22 Pages with "The Simpsons"

Tomorrow, "Simpson's Comics" #131 hits comic shop shelves, but this one's a wee-bit different -- this one has an international flavor. Bongo Comics has provided CBR News with four pages from the issue, which presents a look at what Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie might look like had they been created outside the States. The solicitation text and preview images for this issue follow.

Simpsons Comics #131

by Dixon, Templeton, Matsumoto

$2.99 USA/ $3.99 CAN

32 pages/standard format/color/all ages/humor

Printed in Canada

Simpsons Comics are published all over the world in a dozen different languages. This month, Bongo's long-suffering intern, Jake Schembeckler, takes you on a tour that starts at the Bongo offices and travels around the world and through the pages of Simpsons comics as you might find them in Belgium, Japan, and Mexico

It's an international blend of Bongo this June!

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