Around Comics Welcomes Greg Rucka to the show

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One of the busiest writers in comics returns to Around Comics to talk about the myriad projects hitting comic shops, movie theaters, book stores and the video game market. Greg talks about the experience of being on set for the filming of Whiteout and how they made him work for the Executive Producer title. The new Atticus Kodiak novel Patriot Acts is do to hit stores this month, and we discuss the life of trained killers and the research that goes into gun fights and writing a personal security specialist. Greg talks about integrating espionage into the DC Universe with Checkmate and what we can expect from his new Question series Crime Bible. Queen And Country is on hiatus until at least 2009, but there are big changes and exciting revelations in store for fans of series to look forward to. Greg is set to begin a new PI series called Stumptown, and he talks about his love of gimmick free detective stories and how he's bringing that to comics. We wrap up with some insight into the new Siphon Filter game and how Greg is introducing a new level of realism to the video game franchise. The episode concludes with listener e-mails and Sal's declaration that he would eat everyone in the event of a snowstorm.

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