Around Comics & CBR Celebrate The New Year with Alex Ross

Is there a better way to say good bye to 2007 and hello to 2008 than by talking with comics superstar Alex Ross? Well the guys at Around Comicscouldn't think of one, so they sat down with Alex for an extended conversation covering a variety of topics. Listen in for details on newprojects including "Superpowers" from Dynamite and the "Avengers/Invaders"series coming out from Marvel. Hear Alex's thoughts on characters like GreenLantern, Wally West, Batman, Aquaman and more. Find out what goes intodesigning and redesigning classic golden age costumes, and why Challenge ofthe Superfriends is still cool.

Following the conversation with Alex Ross, Brian Salazar keeps us up to datein Wire2Wire Comics News and the Quiet! Panelologists At Work chaps continuetheir A to Z of British comics with the letter E. The Savannah College ofArt and Design's Jeremy Mullins covers Web comics and Will Pfeiffer runsdown his top DVDs of 2007. Tom Katers is back as the Answer Man, and thisweek's segment clears up some past questions then tackles Constantine. Towrap things up, get ready for the week ahead with information and opinionson new collected and single issue releases.


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