Arnold Schwarzenegger (Probably) Won't Be In New Predator Movie


It was back in the 1980s that the action movie arguably found its footing. With literally hundreds of action and action/sci-fi movies being made, films ranging from “The Terminator” to “First Blood” defined many a childhood and/or people’s addiction to watch large muscle men blowing stuff up. In 1987, a particular movie came out that changed the action/sci-fi genre forever: John McTiernan’s “Predator.”

Spawning a juggernaut of a franchise featuring a number of sequels, comic books, toys, novels, and Internet videos, “Predator” has become completely immersed in pop culture and gone from a cult classic to an iconic film. Yet “Predator” might not have been the hit it grew to be if not for one man: Arnold Schwarzenegger. As Dutch, Arnold led a team of highly trained commandos into a Central American jungle where they were picked off one by one by an alien hunter unlike any other. Eventually, with his crew completely decimated, the final battle came down to Schwarzenegger going mano a mano with the Predator.

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Thanks to the Internet and the countless memes it helped produce, both Arnold and the film’s popularity have continued to grow over the years. Now, with a new Predator movie coming out next year called “The Predator,” directed by Shane Black and co-written by Black and Fred Dekker, one question rests in the minds of fans everywhere: Will Arnold make a cameo?

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In an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Schwarzenegger was asked that very question. “They asked me, and I read it, and I didn’t like it — whatever they offered," he answered. "So I’m not going to do that, no. Except if there’s a chance that they rewrite it, or make it a more significant role. But the way it is now, no, I won’t do that.”

So while Schwarzenegger doesn’t appear to have any interest whatsoever, at least with how “The Predator” stands now, should there be alterations to the script, he might be open to changing his mind.

Written and directed by Shane Black and also starring Sterling K. Brown, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen and Yvonne Strahovski, “The Predator” will be hitting theaters Feb. 9, 2018.

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