Army Of Darkness Vs. Xena Vol. 1: Why Not?

The cross-over no one expected is here! In a tale too big for the movie or television screen, Dynamite presents the ultimate "Why Not?" as Ash and his Army of Darkness meet Xena, the Warrior Princess in the this 4-issue mini series event!

Written by John Layman and illustrated by Miguel Montenegro, our series finds Ashley J. Williams transported to the world of Xena and Gabrielle -- and most importantly Autolycus, who of course, bears more than a passing resemblance to our main man Ash. Throw in the Necronomicon and an evil little Ash taking charge of a group of fairies (the winged kind) and you've got yourselves one rollicking adventure!

This collection also includes a complete cover gallery, featuring the art of Fabiano Neves and UDON Studios!

"The artist [Miguel Montenegro]... delivers a clean, fluid style packed with plenty of expression and acting for his characters, which is perfect for this supernatural slapstick adventure, as Ash travels to Xena's dimension in search of one of his mini-me's who has a copy of the Necronomicon and wants to take over the fairy kingdom!"

-- WizardUniverse

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