Armed with Green Lantern oath, Democrat takes aim at 'right-wing loons'

Although plenty of politicians have run for office on the Green Party ticket, Florida Democrat Alan Grayson may be the first to endorse the Green Lantern platform.

In an email sent today to supporters, the former Congressman attempts to draw a connection between the lukewarm reviews for Warner Bros.' Green Lantern movie, the famous exchange between Hal Jordan and an African-American man from Green Lantern #76 and ... the erosion of middle-class America.

Wait, there's more: Grayson, who lost his 8th District seat last year to Republican Daniel Webster, recasts the classic scene so that he's the African-American man, and "right-wing loons" are Hal Jordan.

Read the email after the break, and stick around for the Green Lantern oath.

(hat tip, Russ Burlingame)

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