Arkham Knight Will Become Canon With Detective Comics #1000


The landmark 1000th issue of DC's Detective Comics will mark the debut of a somewhat new character: the Arkham Knight.

One of the stories in the 96-page anthology will focus on the villain of 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight, bringing him into comic book canon and revealing a "never-before-seen iteration of the Arkham Knight." The story will be written by Peter Tomasi and drawn by Doug Mankhe.

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In Arkham Knight, the character was none other than former Robin Jason Todd. Having been tortured by the Joker for a year inside Arkham Asylum and later believed dead, the Arkham Knight worked with Scarecrow and other enemies of his former mentor to bring Gotham to ruins with the help of his militia. After Batman discovered his identity, Jason had a breakdown and later helped to briefly defeat Scarecrow, having adopted the Red Hood persona entirely.

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The identity of this new Arkham Knight has yet to be revealed, but it likely isn't Jason Todd. For the moment, Jason is on the outs with Batman in the comics, exiled from Gotham City and going under the code name "the Outlaw." The reveal will come in Detective Comics #1000, which releases in March.

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