'Arkham' has ended, but Warner Bros. isn't done with Batman games

Batman: Arkham Knight may have brought Rocksteady Studios' blockbuster series to an end, but Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is, unsurprisingly, far from finished with the Caped Crusader.

“Batman is one of the cornerstone IPs for Warner Bros.," Ames Kirshen, who oversees development of DC Comics games, tells the PlayStation Blog. "With the Arkham series, we were finally able to realize the full potential of the character.”

That's not to say the Dark Knight is Warner Bros.' sole focus, however. “When choosing what DC Entertainment IP we might focus on for any game, it boils down to honing in on the IPs that map the strongest, genre-wise, to what fans are interested in seeing and playing," he says. "From there, it’s about getting the development studios with the strongest passion for those IPs to make the games.”

Although Kirshen isn't ready to reveal what the next Batman game might be, it seems virtually certain something is in the works.

“We don’t have anything to talk about at this time," he says, "but the possibilities are endless with a character as dynamic and beloved as Batman.”

(via VG247)

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