Arizona's Atomic Comics takes Free Comic Book Day to the next level

Official Press Release

Saturday, May 4 promises to be a huge event for our industry when "Free Comic Book Day" puts millions of free comics into the hands of old and new customers. While over 2000 comics retailers are planning to participate by giving away free comics, Atomic Comics' four Phoenix area locations will be using this monumental opportunity to provide an entire weekend of events and specials for its existing customers as well as the many new customers expected to stop by for the fun.

Atomic Comics' awesome events and festivities to celebrate "Free Comic Book Day" include:

  • A spectacular appearance by the Amazing Spider-Man himself! Officially from Marvel Comics, Spidey will be on hand for photos, autographs and chatting.
  • Also slated to appear are Ron Zimmerman (Howard Stern, Spider-Man), Humberto Ramos (Spider-Man), Brian Pulido (Lady Death), Mike Kunkel (Hero Bear and the Kid), Scott Kolins (Flash), Ashley Wood (Spawn, X-Men), Mike Mayhew (Vampirella), James Owen (Starchild), Madame M (Creepy Little Bedtime Stories) and several other creators yet to be announced.
  • Atomic Comics will be offering hundreds of free advanced screening tickets for the new Spider-Man movie, and also has purchased another entire theatre screen to give fans who miss the advance screening a chance to go see the new film on opening day, Friday May 3rd, alongside the very creators who bring Spider-Man and other comic characters to life!
  • Atomic Comics' Free Comic Book Day Pre-Party featuring all the creators mentioned above and much, much more! This is a great opportunity for fans to meet the creators in a festive, relaxed atmosphere and just have fun! For fans 21 years of age and over.
  • Over ten thousand dollars in various advertising media including movie screens, radio and print ads.

The idea of "Free Comic Book Day" is a fantastic one and an excellent opportunity for all facets of our industry to reach out to the mainstream of American consciousness and spread the word that comics are still here, thriving and offering a unique and diverse form of entertainment. Atomic Comics salutes the driving forces behind "Free Comic Book Day" and eagerly looks forward to participating in this grand event!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mike Malve, Owner

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