Area 51 Raid's First Naruto Runner Photobombs TV Reporter

In July, someone going by the name "Shitposting cause im in shambles" teamed with Twitch video game streamer SmyleeKun and an event planner to organize a coordinated "raid" on Area 51. The event, which was initially posted on Facebook and went viral before the social media giant took it down, called for people across the globe to converge on the top secret U.S. government site on Sept. 20, stating, ""If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens."

While the "raid" had not yet occurred, and though it's never going to see all two million-plus people who RSVPed actually show up, it has already resulted in several arrests. A Dutch YouTuber and his friend were caught earlier this week, attempting to break into the government facility, and were subsequently jailed.

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But that hasn't stopped hundreds of others from gathering outside of Area 51, in the nearby towns of Rachel and Hiko, NV. As they gather, so too has the news media descended on the towns in order to report on their visitors - one of whom saw an opportunity to practice their Naruto run as a local reporter wrapped his segment.

Whether the raid actually occurs remains to be seen (though videos of agitated raiders  arguing with armed guards have begin to surface), but at least one person has ensured their place in Internet infamy - and all it took was running though the desert like an anime character.

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