Are you worthy to wield this Thor's Hammer Tool Kit?

Noting a serious lack of geek-themed hardware, Dave Delisle came up with an idea for a tool set to tackle virtually any home-repair project in the Nine Realms, even the famed clogged drains of Jotunheim.

As you can see, the Thor Hammer Tool Kit looks like the fabled Mjolnir, until it's opened to reveal a claw hammer, wrench, screwdriver, socket set and so on.

"I just hope this thing isn’t too heavy to lug around! I mean, not that it would be a problem for us geeks (*grunt*)," Delisle writes. "Looking at this now, I reckon it could also make for a neat lunchbox."

Alas, it's only a concept, at least for now. However, an idea that perfect can't possibly remain that way for long.

(via Nerd Approved)

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