Are you Stan Lee's biggest fan? You could win a chance to meet him

Despite insisting he doesn't like when people tell him they're his "biggest fan," Stan Lee is now searching for just that: his biggest fan. Does he contradict himself? Hey, Stan Lee is larger than life, he contains multitudes.

The 91-year-old creator has partnered with LiveJournal (yes, LiveJournal) to not only launch a blog but also to discover his most devoted follower. "Maybe you have read all my comics, maybe you have collected all of the Stan Lee figurines, or maybe you even have my signature tattooed on your body," Lee writes. "Whatever it may be, I want to hear it."

It's a contest -- one requiring a LiveJournal account and a post explaining why you're his biggest fan -- with the winner receiving an all-expenses paid trip for two to Hollywood (airfare, plus two nights in a hotel), and an opportunity to meet Lee "and share our passions for comics and superheroes."

Perhaps the contest doesn't actually contradict the "Stan's Rant" from September, in which Lee said (jokingly, of course), “I kinda don’t like it when people come over to me and say, ‘I’m your biggest fan.' But I think, how do they know they’re my biggest fan? Have they checked all my other fans? I might have a bigger fan somewhere." Maybe this is simply his way of checking all of his other fans.

The full contest details can be found on LiveJournal. Deadline for entries is Dec. 30, with the winner to be announced early next year.

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