Are You Afraid of the Dark Reboot’s First Trailer Heads to the Circus

Nickelodeon has released a trailer for its upcoming limited series Are You Afraid of the Dark? - a revival of the '90s suspense show of the same name. The show depicts a new Midnight Society who face the very threats of their scariest story as the monsters of their nightmares come surging into the real world.

The series consists of three hour-long episodes, centering on a spooky Carnival of Doom that has its beginning in the nightmares of children. But soon comes to terrifying life shortly after the Midnight Society shares a tale about it around the campfire. The series is set to feature feature Rafael Casal (Blindspotting) as the fearsome Ringmaster of the Carnival of Doom.

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The original Are You Afraid of the Dark was a children's drama and horror/suspense anthology series. Each episode was framed as a story the members of a dedicated group of friends were telling each other around a campfire. The Midnight Society consisted of friends and peers all with a passion for macabre or suspenseful storytelling, each story would begin with a member stating 'I submit for the approval of the Midnight Society' and introduce this week's episode with a flourish of powder that would cause the flames to sizzle and surge. This is among the first images seen in the new trailer, deliberately calling back to the classic formula. However, the story was always presented as either an invention of the teller or something they'd heard from a friend of a friend. In the oncoming limited series, the Midnight Society themselves will have to contend with the nightmarish denizens of the Carnival of Doom themselves. 

Are You Afraid of the Dark? premieres Oct. 11 and is a production of ACE entertainment. The series will be directed by Dean Israelite (Power Rangers, Project Almanac) and written by BenDavid Grabinski (Skiptrace).

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