Are we ready for Steve Rogers to be <i>Reborn</i>?

Ed Brubaker and Bryan Hitch collaborating on a hush-hush Marvel miniseries called Reborn? With John Cassaday and Alex Ross providing additional covers? It's probably nothing, right?

The listing for the five-issue miniseries, which leads Marvel's solicitations for July, is light on details -- "Solicit to be revealed soon" -- but the obvious bet is it has something everything to do with the somber teaser (at right) the publisher has been running for a while.

The comics event we all knew was eventually going to happen appears to be occurring sooner rather than later: the return of Steve Rogers, who's been out of play since his highly publicized death in April 2007 (if you don't count flashbacks, Avengers/Invaders and a ghost).

Or it could be a feint propped up by the lack of information in the solicitation for Captain America #601.

As ZeroVGM says in the Comic Book Resources forums, "Why would Cap's own book have some random one off issue with Bucky and Fury talking about an old Cap adventure, while Bru is bringing Steve back in a miniseries? Wouldn't he do that in the actual Cap book, like he did when he killed him off?"

All I knew is there better be a prominent role for Bucky Barnes when everything's said and done.

Betting lines are open ...

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