Are Robinson and Henderson part of comic book history?

DC's full solicitations for September came out yesterday, something Tom will no doubt talk about in his next Grumpy Old Fan column, but I wanted to draw attention to two comics in particular:

So what do these two comics have in common? David Brothers points out that both of them are written by Black women.

"Felicia D Henderson and Angela Robinson are both black women. Felicia Henderson, in particular, gets a whole gang of goodwill from me just because she wrote for Fresh Prince, Family Matters, and, to a lesser extent, Moesha," Brothers wrote. "My question is– is this the first time Marvel or DC have employed two black female writers? Is it the first time they’ve employed one? Comics historians, do your duty."

To give you a little background, in addition to the shows Brothers listed, Henderson also worked on Sister, Sister and the Soul Food television series. Currently she is co-executive producer of Fringe and teaches writing at UCLA. You can find more details on her career, along with a Q&A, here.

Robinson, meanwhile, directed the Disney movie Herbie Fully Loaded, and has written and directed episodes of The "L" Word. Here's her Wikipedia entry.

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