Are Comic Book Video Game Stories Good?

I will admit right off the bat that I am not a big fan of video games ("not a big fan" in the sense that I do not know much about them, not in the sense that I dislike them), but I have been reading a lot recently about how the stories for video games have become more and more elaborate and, well, more interesting. I see that Paul Jenkins' biggest writing credits these days are IN video game writing, specifically the smash hit video game based on The Darkness comic book. Brian Reed, who is doing a pretty good job on Ms. Marvel every month, came over to Marvel FROM the world of video game writing, where he co-wrote the Ultimate Spider-Man video game with Brian Michael Bendis.

So my question to you video game fanatics out there - HAVE the stories been improving? Can we look to video games for actual interesting stories nowadays? It seems as though video game stories are one of the largest areas for possible narrative innovations in the future, so I'm quite curious as to where they currently stand, story-wise.

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