Are Aliens Involved In <i>Prometheus</i> After All?

Alright, this is just getting confusing.

After years in development, a Fox press release revealed earlier this month that Ridley Scott's planned Alien prequel was no longer an Alien prequel, but a wholly original science fiction film called Prometheus. Scott explained that "the keen fan will recognize strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak, but the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative." So, no Aliens, at least not the xenomorphs that first arrived in Scott's 1979 space horror masterpiece.

So you would think, at least, but a new report from Sky Movies tells us that the Aliens are absolutely playing a role in Prometheus: "Despite that press release that seemed to indicate there were no aliens in the movie, the familiar HR Giger-style aliens do appear. Big ones apparently." Sky Movies says that Scott's remarks about "strands of Alien's DNA" were quite deliberate and, potentially, quite misleading: "Part of the film will be shot in Morocco. I've heard that some sort of archaeological dig where they discover alien DNA takes place there and that DNA gives them the coordinates for an alien world. I've also heard Morocco is being used for alien planet landscapes so I'm not sure if it's an archaeological dig on another planet."

Furthermore, the infamous space jockey will appear in the film: "They've built the 'space jockey' cockpit at Pinewood as seen in the original Alien film, so it definitely takes place in the same world as Alien."

Take all the above with your normal pinch of salt, of course. But if the rumors of Alien involvement turn out to be true, does that make you more or less excited about Prometheus?

[via Blastr]

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