PREVIEW: "Ultimates 2" #13

It's finally here, the conclusion to the second volume of "The Ultimates." Marvel's provided CBR News with a first look at pages from "Ultimates 2" #13, out this Wednesday.

T-MINUS: "Countdown" #51

We begin our weekly look at DC's latest weekly series, "Countdown," as Justin Eger and Brian Eason are back to tackle each issue from beginning to end.

PREVIEW: "Mighty Avengers" #3

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with a fully lettered advance look at one of their most anticipated new issues shipping next week, "Mighty Avengers" #3.

Did "Nova" get a sex change?

Marvel has provided CBR News with a look at the cover to the August shipping "Nova" #5 -- who has apparently gone from dude to chick. What?

Pipeline, Issue #517

Augie won't be making it out to San Diego or Chicago this year. Instead, he presents his travel nightmare stories from his recent honeymoon. What could possibly go wrong in the Caribbean? Click through to find out.

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