Pipeline, Issue #552

It's advance reviews day here for Pipeline! '"Brand New Day" starts this week, and Augie has a review of it. Is the new status quo easy to take? Is Peter Parker still a lovable loser, or a painful depressant? And as if that's not enough, "Youngblood" is back, too!

Spidey's New Status Quo

Marvel released an image today detailing Spider-Man/Peter Parker's new world in anticipation of "Brand New Day," which answers a handful of questions fans have about the future. We have a high-res look.

WGA Strike: Divide and Conquer

CBR's Emmett Furey brings you the latest developments in the WGA strike, plus part 1 of our interview with WGA board member Aaron Mendelsohn about recent developments. Updated 5:25 PM with word on the cancellation of the Golden Globes telecast.

Lots of stuff this week as Rich reveals his five resolutions for the new year, takes a closer look a the OMD controversy, reports on the cancellation of "Exterminators," time for speculative buying and much more!

The year starts off on a bad note as even Lucas Trent couldn't save as Supergirl, Ryan Choi and the Monitors all help stink up the place.

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