T-MINUS: "Countdown" #43

Justin and Brian break down the latest issue of "Countdown" for you, with reactions to the funeral of Bart Allen and some of the other surprises revealed this week.

More Marvel Previews for 7/11 Shipping Books

We've got another huge stack of lettered previews for you - "Amazing Spider-Girl" #10, "Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith" #1, "Blade" #11, "Exiles" #96, "Fantastic Five" #1, "Nova" #4 and "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" #20.

Photo Parade: Anime Expo 2007

It's all costumes, all the time in this photo parade from last weekend's Anime Expo. There's plenty of good, bad and "please make it stop" ugly. We've got it all, with plenty of obnoxious commentary.

The McClouds attend the wedding of Amy Kim Ganter and Kazu Kibuishi, of which Scott himself officiate! See what two of comics most talented young artists have to say about love and art (on their wedding day) in the latest Winterview!

Things don't go well as "again?" is the battle cry for a week of old ideas and misfires, including "New Avengers/Transformers," "Supergirl" and more.

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