PREVIEW: "Martha Washington Dies"

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, CBR News presents a special advance look at the final chapter of Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons' legendary Martha Washington saga that began in 1990 and ends this week.

Pipeline, Issue #526

Augie flips through Marvel's corner of the Previews catalog, reads another Asterix tome, looks back into Pipeline history and has some stray comic thoughts in this week's PIPELINE.

Villains United for Bat-Sequel

The rumors fly fast and furious about a cartel of costumed criminals hell bent on bashing the Bat in director Christopher Nolan's sequel "The Dark Knight." CBR News investigates ...

REFLECTIONS #214: Matthew Clark

On the one-year anniversary of a serious health scare, popular "Outsiders" and "Superman/Batman" artist Matthew Clark goes in-depth with CBR's Robert Taylor on projects both past and future.

Graphic About Novels with Mike Carey

CBR News returns with another installment of Graphic About Novels. This time, we speak with Mike Carey about his first prose novel, "The Devil You Know," which hits U.S. stores this week.

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