Punisher: Blood, Sand and Tears

Matt Fraction and Ariel Olivetti's "Blood and Sand" comes to a stunning conclusion, as the Punisher continues to wage war upon the Hate-Monger and his militant army of white-supremacists.

Homosexuality in Comics - Part I

In part I of a series, CBR News examines the portrayal of homosexual characters and themes in comics past and present. Joining us in this part: Mark Millar, Devin Grayson, Marc Andreyko and more.

It's a huge week this time out, with a look at some amazing art the CBLDF will auction during San Diego, Jeph Loeb's taking over Marvel, J.H. Williams next DC project, the creative teams on new Titans oriented books, the cut throat world of online comics, art from Jamie Hewlett's "Get The Freebies" and more.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Jimmy Palmiotti

Jimmy Palmiotti has a lot on his plate - "Countdown," "Jonah Hex," "Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters," writing for the "Painkiller Jane" TV series and more! He discusses all that, plus his weirdest convention experience is not to be missed.

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