The 52 Steps: Week Thirty-Two

It's week 32 as the Titans hold a recruitment drive, our space bound friends make plans to take on Lady Styx and Ralph's quest takes him from China to ... well, you're just going to have read Justin's latest in this weeks THE 52 STEPS.

Is this the new Fantastic Four?

Marvel Comics sent out an e-mail with the question "Is this the new Fantastic Four" and a single image by Michael Turner. Could this be a quick look at what's to come?

Image Comics Solicitations for March, 2007

Image Comics has released their solicitations for comics shipping March, 2007. Included are the new books like Jay Faerber's "Dynamo 5," "After The Cape," "Bomb Queen III" #1 and much more. UPDATED 12/18/06 with listings for "Age of Bronze" and "Strongarm."

Issue #66

As he celebrates his 44th birthday, Erik Larsen gets reflective on his life, his life in the comics industry and the changes the industry has gone through in his lifetime. Happy Birthday, Erik!

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