Issue #4

This week, Justin checks in with an advance look at art from "Jonah Hex" #11 by David Michael Beck, then goes on to interview Blair Butler from G4TV's "Attack of the Show."

It's a big one this week, with word of a major film director working in comics, an early look at NBC's "Heroes," gays and comics, new Avatar offerings including Ellis' "Black Gas 2," how one US Senator's reelection campaign has been influenced by Marvel Comics and much more.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Kevin Spacey

We bring to a close our coverage of Friday's "Superman Returns" Junket with actor Kevin Spacey, who discusses playing Luthor, what attracted him to this role and you'll also get a chance to hear Spacey tell the hillarious story of how he tormented Brandon Routh on the set.

"Superman Returns" Mini-Review
Kate Bosworth | Brandon Routh
DC President/Publisher Paul Levitz
Sam Huntington | Parker Posey
Director Bryan Singer
Writers Michael Dougherty & Dan Harris

The 52 Steps: Week Five

It's week five of DC's weekly "52" comic and Justin checks in with the latest from the series. What's he guessed right thus far? Plus some thoughts on the future direction of the series.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Sam Huntington

We continue our coverage of "Superman Returns" by talking with actor Sam Huntington who plays Jimmy Olsen. San talks about the role, on working with original Jimmy, Jack Larson, and what happened when he saw Routh in the super-suit for the first time.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Parker Posey

In the film "Superman Returns," actress Parker Posey plays Kitty Koslowski, Lex Luthors girlfriend. During the junket Friday, Parker discusses how she came to be involved with "Superman Returns," her characters relationship with Lex Luthor and more.

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