Issue #291

Steven returns to the world of digital downloads one final time by taking a look at what the torrenting sites have to offer, provides a sneak peak of his upcoming "Two Guns," reader e-mail and much more.

It's Punishment, Not Revenge, In "Punisher War Journal" #7

The Punisher debuts his new Captain America-inspired costume in Punisher War Journal #7 and to mark this historic change, the issue will feature 50/50 covers by Young Guns Reloaded artist Ariel Olivetti: one with Frank's classic look and one showcasing his all-new costume.

PREVIEW: "Witchblade" #105

The Magdalena returns in this painted spectacle! Sara must help her friend Patience on a dangerous mission where she discovers what life is like without the Witchblade's assistance.

"Loners" #1 Sells Out

Marvel Comics is pleased to announce that Loners #1, the debut issue of writer C.B Cebulski and artist Karl Moline's new limited series, has sold out at Diamond.

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