The 52 Steps: Week 46

Can you believe it, we're already at week 46 of DC's "52" event. Justin has a full recap of the issue and Brain Eason returns by taking a look at the histories of the crazy inhabitants of Oolong Island.

Spider-Man: Back in Black Checklist

After the stunning ending of Civil War, Spider-Man is left in a dark place, paving the way for Spidey to go "Back in Black" and don his old black costume in its wake.

"TMNT" - The CBR Review

The third comic inspired film of the year launches this Friday and CBR got an early look at "TMNT." What's the prognosis? "Cowabunga, Dude!"

"The Darkness" Falls - Monthly Once More

"The Darkness" returns to the monthly haunt this year with writer Phil Hester at the helm. CBR News spoke with the critically acclaimed author as well as editor Rob Levin about the new dawn for "The Darkness." UPDATED!

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