Issue #8

You may have found yourself asking, where's Justin Gray and MERCENARY MIND? Where's he been? What's he been up to? Justin checks in to explain and, as you may have noticed, he's been a bit busy lately.

Another week, another column filled with all sorts of good stuff from Rich, including "Civil War" fall out amongst professionals, Alan Moore's "Lost Girls" appearance in London, whether or not John Byrne is the new "Ultimate Spider-Man," what happened to James O' Barr's Batman story and much more. Updated

Top Sales Charts for Actual Sales in September, 2006

Diamond has released the top sales numbers for product shipped in September, 2006, including Market Share, Top 300 Comics, Top 100 GN/TPB's and Top 50 Manga. Marvel leads in overall sales and units sold and holds the #1 spot with "Civil War" #4.

The 52 Steps: Week Twenty-Three

Will Magnus has been devlivered to an island, Montoya and the Question are still on the case and Isis' brother gets a power up. Justin's here with all the details, his thoughts and concerns for "52," Week Twenty-Three.

Life & Death: Schwartz talks "Meltdown"

Imagine if you discovered your powers were killing you and you had just seven days to live. What would you do? That's the premise of "Meltdown," a new series coming from Image. We spoke with writer David Schwartz and got a preview.

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