Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Episode 6

Those "Heroes" Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite are back again this week to discuss last week's episode, "Hiros," with info on the new characters that popped up, with a look forward to tonight's episode "Better Halves." Plus, news regarding the online comic.

Will the good Doctor Who be heading to comics soon? Rich pulls together some clues. Plus, comic creators not getting paid, infinite changes, a creator gets in front of swiping allegations, "Spider-Man 3" news and much more.

The 52 Steps: Week Twenty-Five

As we near the half way mark, there are lots of developments and story to cover with this week's issue of "52." Justin's got a recap and some analysis of recent developments in DC's weekly comic series.

Astro-Policy 101 With Profesor Busiek

With Book 2 just around the corner, Kurt Busiek talks with CBR News about "Astro City's" intense and epic multi-volume storyline, "The Dark Age." Plus, we've got the first five pages from "The Dark Age, Book 2" #1.

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