The fates of this week are saved by "The Savage Brothers," Brubaker and Phillips teaming up and the suave return of Stephen Strange.

Peeking in on "Empty Chamber" with A. David Lewis

With the first issue of "Empty Chamber" out today from Silent Devil, CBR News caught up with writer A. David Lewis to learn more about this action-espionage thriller and have a look at the impressive looking trailer for the series.

Issue #264

Steven talks about the pitfalls of revamps in comics -- while doing a bit of a revamp to his column itself. Plus, the comics work of Jim Steranko and Bernie Krigstein and how they still impress, a handful of reviews, politics as usual and much more.

Podcast #80

The show notes are a little late, but the show came out on time this week. While 'Criminal' was a shoo-in for the top spot on Augie's Top Ten this week, a couple of the others might surprise you.

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