PREVIEW: "Red Menace" #1

"The Flash" writers and TV series creators Danny Bilson & Paul DiMeo hook up with "The O.C.'s" Adam Brody and artist Jerry Ordway to bring you a look at 1950s McCarthyism through the eyes of the hero, the Eagle. We've got the full color preview.

Pipeline, Issue #493

Augie ponders the state of modern comics criticism and its relation to print products. In other words, why aren't authors of his generation of comics fandom writing more books?

Madman Returns!

Mike Allred's pop masterpiece jolts back to life at Image Comics with a new hardcover collection and and all-new series.

Behind The Eclipse: "Heroes" Episode 9

Joe and Aron are back to answer questions about the TV show that's become a sensation, "Heroes." Will Hiro see some romance in the weeks to come? How is a show written? What do those hash marks mean on Matt and Theodore? Lots to go over this week.

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