Issue #2

Justin Gray is back with the second volume of MERCENARY MIND, in which he shares a story with you about an event he attended that has changed his thinking on heroism and how this will affect his writing. Plus, Phil Noto stops by to discuss his upcoming work on "Jonah Hex." Updated with art.

Rich is back from the Bristol Comics Expo with loads of news, pictures and rumors, including Mike Carey and John Bolton on "God Save The Queen" for DC/Vertigo, a new Wildstorm series for Geoff Johns and Howard Porter at Wildstorm, speculating on what might happen when Alan Moore's "Lost Girls" sees release with industry pros, and much, much more.

REFLECTIONS: Talking with Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins is a man who handles the writing duties on a wide variety of titles, which include "The Sentry," "Civil War: Front Line" and "Revelations." This week, Robert talk with paul about the world of the Sentry, how he felt about how "Revelations" turned out and much more.

THE 52 STEPS: Week One

Every Saturday for the next 52 weeks, CBR News will take a look at DC's weekly comic, "52." Each week he'll take a look at what happened, his thoughts and concerns, speculate on what's to come and much more.

Secret Avengers Reassembled? Paniccia talks "Agents of Atlas"

After the Invaders, but before The Avengers, the Marvel U was protected by a bizarre and diverse band of heroes. The team reunites in the pages of "Agents of Atlas" this August. In part one of our spotlight on the book, CBR News spoke with Editor Mark Paniccia about the book. Plus, Jeff Parker stops by with our first Agent profile: Gorilla-Man.

Bring The Noise: Chuck D & Adam Wallenta Talk "Public Enemy" The Comic

The world renowned hip hop group Public Enemy exploded onto the American music scene in 1987 with "Yo, Bum Rush The Show." Almost 20 years later, the group is set to explode onto the comics scene with "Public Enemy" the comic. CBR News spoke with "Public Enemy" front man Chuck D and illustrator Adam Wallenta about the series.

Issue #37

Ahhh, the ability for someone to take something one person said and take it totally out of context and oh, how it happens in the online comics world. Erik shares some examples from his own career and, in fact, from just last week's column. Oh, and what's Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore's connection to all this? Look inside.

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