TenNapel Strikes Gold in "Iron West"

Doug TenNapel brings us his version of the old west - where the men were men, and the robots were deadly. TenNapel told us about his upcoming Image Comics OGN "Iron West" and updated the status of a number of his film & television projects.

Battler of Britain: Gage talks "Union Jack"

When an army of super terrorists launches an attack on London, it's up to Union Jack to fight them back. This fall, those stories will be told in a new "Union Jack" mini-series from Marvel. CBR News spoke with writer Christos Gage about the series and got a first look at pencils by Mike Perkins.

Issue #244

Lots of stuff to cover this week, from alcohol consumption at conventions, to follow-ups from last week's column, looks at a number of TV series finales, comic reviews and much, much more.


This week's podcast includes the X-Men cast into fairy tales, a much-delayed Batman book, a long-awaited Captain America collection, second printings from IDW, and much more.

Storm's Guiding Light: Shawn Dudley Reveals Designer Secrets

With her upcoming nuptials, Storm needed something nice to wear and Marvel Comics went to the one man with a vision: Shawn Dudley, of television's "Guiding Light." He spoke to CBR News about designing the dress and how the soap opera industry isn't so different from comic books.

Pipeline, Issue #466

Augie sinks his teeth into Marvel's "Runaways" hardcover collection, and looks at decompressed storytelling in "Wolverine: Origins and Endings." Plus, a Star Wars trade paperback sneaks its way into the pipeline.

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