Reminiscing about a screw-up project and what can and can't be done about them; Williamson/Frazetta comics plus ads of the 1950s; why the candidate pickings are slim; plus Gene Colan, "Speed Racer" and other notes. UPDATED

"Manhunter" Lives to Fight Another Day

"Manhunter" and its cult favorite protagonist Kate Spencer have received not one but two stays of execution. Writer Marc Andreyko tells CBR News why and shares news on what readers will see in the revived series.

New "Incredible Hulk" Game Trailer

Sega has released the latest trailer for the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" game, which ties into the upcoming film and features the voice talent of the Marvel movie's headlining cast members. UPDATED

Why “Casanova” Matters

CBR reviewer and literary scholar Timothy Callahan espouses on “Casanova,” the Matt Fraction series concluding its second arc this week. This provocative and SPOILER-FILLED piece explains why it may emerge as the decade's defining comic.

Infinity Inc. #9

An ill-selling book attempts to revamp itself, but "Infinity Inc." attempts to look more like every other superhero comic on the market. It's disastrous.

Thunderbolts: Reason in Madness #1

Christos Gage delivers another entertaining one-shot to fill gaps in the “Thunderbolts” schedule, this time focussing on two classic Marvel villains �" the Green Goblin and Mac “Venom/Scorpion” Gargan.

It's an all-review PIPELINE, as Augie tackles Dave Sim's "Glamourpuss," Omaha Perez's "Holmes," a pair of "Secret Invasion" books and a surprise hit from an unexpected corner of Marvel Comics in Tom DeFalco's "American Dream."

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