This week, Rich puts to bed a rumor swirling around "52," the "Absolute New Frontier" that almost was but wasn't, a look at Travis Charest's upcoming "Dreamshifters," the complicated and conflicted story behind the creation of Cable, and much, much more.

Issue #38

This week on CALLING MANGA ISLAND, Tony takes you on a tour of comics from the East and the West with "East Coast Rising" from Tokyopop and "Kikaider Code 02" from CMX.

THE 52 STEPS: Week Two

Two down, fifty more to go. Justin Eger checks in for a look at "52" Week #2. What happened? What were the highlights? What are Justin's thoughts and concerns? Read on to find out.

Issue #38

Biff! Bam! POW! While sound effects in comics used to be common place, these days they're something of a rarity. For many, the comic book sound effect evokes bad memories of the "Batman" TV show. For others, it's a useful tool. Where does Erik land in the debate? Have a read and find out in this week's ONE FAN'S OPINION.

Issue #59

The question of how to display comics and graphic novels in your store is a tough one. Do you rack by publisher? By genre? By creator? James takes a look at how best to sort your comics and how he's decided to do it in his own store. Plus, a 30-page preview of the AiT/PlanetLar GN "Shatter."

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