Marvel really shines in a winning week that has Captain America asking for dinner and details, shows a quite whimsical Supergirl and brings Storm home in more ways than one.

Steven Grant Discusses the new "Whisper"

Steven Grant is bringing his popular 1980s character back to life this August with a new lead in "Whisper" #0 from Boom! Studios. CBR News spoke with Grant about the differences between this and what came before, and on placing "Whisper" in the middle of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. Updated with additional art.

Shop Smart: Preview of "Army of Darkness" #7

It's Two-Fer Dynamite Wednesday here on CBR! (OK, we'll work on the name a bit.) Dynamite Entertainment has provided CBR News with a preview of "Army of Darkness" #7, written by James Kuhoric with art by Kevin Sharpe.

Issue #245

The virtues of steady work, a look at a handful of season finales, the mail bag, link news, print on demand and more!

Sometimes, a Top Ten list isn't enough, so Augie gives you twelve this week, including cowboys, talking ducks and aardvarks, a coloring book, and a Kevin Smith book.

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