Pipeline, Issue #482

Augie marches through the front half of the Previews catalog for November 2006 and is surprised at the lack of big ticket gift titles leading up to the holiday shopping season. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of stuff to look at, though.

Updated Is filmmaker Terry Gilliam the latest creator from Hollywood winging his way to comics? Rich takes a look, plus more on the boom/bust of comics, Marvel Babies, the cover to "Phonogram" #5 that should get people talking, the solicited and publisher cover to "JLA" #2 and much more.

Crafting "Pirate" & Sci-Fi Stories with Johanna Stokes

Writers from TV seem to be coming to comics in droves, but Johanna Stokes went the opposite direction - started in comics and moved to TV. Her episode of SciFi's "Eureka" airs tomorrow, so CBR News caught up with her to talk writing TV and comics, including the upcoming "Pirate Tales."

The 52 Steps: Week Seventeen

Lots happened in this week's edition of "52" (Lobo anyone?) and Justin has the facts and details for you. Plus, Brian's back with some crisis continuity and word of a Week 17 contest -- fill in those word balloons!

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