CCI: Bryan Hitch Q&A

Bryan Hitch reveals the name of his and Millar's upcoming creator-owned collaboration, teases storylines for the final issues of their "Fantastic Four" run, explains what aspect of his job he thinks he's the worst at and more.

CBR TV @ CCI 2008: Robert Kirkman, Part 1

It's the first CBR Boat Show interview from Comic-Con! Robert Kirkman stopped by and in this first of a two-part interview, Kirkman spoke about handing over Invincible for motion comics adaptation.

CCI: Mondo Marvel

At Comic-Con International's Mondo Marvel panel, a variety of Marvel talent was on hand for news and announcements including a Philip K. Dick adaptation, news on Skaar, the "return" of The Blue Marvel and more!

CCI: Dark Horse Horror

CBR brings you coverage of Dark Horse's Horror panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Find out what Bernie Wrightson had to say about "Frankenstein," Cal McDonald news and what's coming next from the publisher.

CCI: The X-Men Panel

Marvel's X-Men panel may be over, but CBR still has all the news and preview art that moderator Jim McCann, C.B. Cebulski, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction and the rest of the mutant loving panel shared with the crowd.

CCI: Red Sonja One-On-One

Have you ever dreamed about having an intimate chat with the lovely Rose McGowan? Well, if you consider "intimate" a room the size of a high school gym and packed with fans, we show you what it's like!

The Skrulls strike back while Norman Osborn gets drunk, Parco Delgado goes missing, "Trinity" almost has an idea as does Mark Millar with "War Heroes" and so much more on the eve of Comic-Con International.

CCI: Superman The Man Of Tomorrow

CBR has your coverage for DC Comics' Superman The Man of Tomorrow panel from Comic-Con International with Geoff Johns and James Robinson. Check in here for all the news!

CCI: Guy Davis Talks "The Marquis"

Guy Davis' "The Marquis" returns to comics, this time at Dark Horse Comics. CBR News recently caught up with the writer/artist to find out what's in store for his titular 18th century inquisitor.

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