On the Road Again: Way Talks "Ghost Rider"

This July, evil doers just might find themselves living out the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell" because the Spirit of Vengeance, Ghost Rider, is back on the road. We caught up with series writer Daniel Way to learn more about the new ongoing "Ghost Rider" series.

Marvel's "Civil War" Trailer & #2 Variant on CBR

One of the highpoints at Marvel's "Civil War" panel at the NYCC was the debut of the "Civil War" teaser trailer. Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with the trailer for those who were unable to attend the show, as well as the Michael Turner variant cover to issue #2.

Marz Rover (Part One): Ron Marz talks "Ion"

In part one of a two part interview, Ron Marz talks about "Ion," his DC Comics series focusing on the man who made him famous, Kyle Rayner. CBR News spoke to Marz about why readers should check out the series and why it won't be just another Green Lantern book.

Issue #28

Erik checks in and laments the loss of the letters column in comics. Erik notes it's more than just the loss of reader feedback, but the loss of a community of comic fans. Why should letter columns return? Come on in and find out.

The brutal, relentless but always direct reviews column from Hannibal Tabu makes its debut at CBR, with Warren Ellis showing up for the job, Bill Willingham gets tender and Grant Morrison comes close.

Waiting on tenterhooks for the arrival of Torak the Slayer, Paul recounts more of his favorite injuries.

Sherman talks "SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven," In Stores Today

"SOCOM: SEAL Team Seven" lands in shops today from Image. We caught up with first time comic writer M. Zachary Sherman for an update as well as a 13-page preview of the graphic novel, which follows a group of Navy SEALs investigating the mysterious sinking of a nuclear submarine, complicated by a conflict with the Kingdom of Atlantis.

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