Marvel Comics Press Conference: Spider-Man Unmasked

It's been in the news everywhere and now Marvel is talking about it: the world knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man! We've just wrapped up live coverage from Marvel's press conference, which included writers Peter David, JMS, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and more.

Oni Announces "Sidescrollers," Exclusive CBR Preview

Oni Press announced today "Sidescrollers," a "gnarly" new graphic novel about three best friends who are generally considered the geeks of their school, when one day something unexpected happens. We've got a big-ol' 17 page exclusive preview for ya!

Issue #23

Robert may still be recovering from the Marvel editorial retreat, but that won't stop him from showing you never before seen artwork from "The Irredeemable Ant-Man," "Ultimate X-Men," "SuperPatriot," colored pages from "Brit" and a sculpted zomibe you're gonna enjoy!

This week's releases includes new Franklin Richards and the last issue of Thing from Marvel; the next edition of the Flight anthology; plus manga, hardcovers, and alternate covers, oh my!

Back in Black: Fraction talks "Punisher War Journal."

Frank Castle has had enough. Supervillains have obliterated a small town and heroes are too busy fighting heroes. So, The Punisher launches a new crusade against the super powered criminals of the Marvel U in the pages of "Punisher War Journal," a new ongoing series beginning in September. CBR News spoke to writer Matt Fraction about the series.

Issue #251

Steven checks in with a report from this past weekend's Anime Expo in Anaheim, looks at the character of Superman and where people often get him wrong, reader e-mail and much more.

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