The Power Of One: Tieri talks "Underworld"

Marvel Comics' rich universe has always been home to some shady players and with "Underworld," we'll see what it's like to be a villain in a world with the Avengers & more. Writer Frank Tieri spoke to CBR News about the book and provided exclusive preview art.

Love Thing: Sitterson talks "I (Heart) Marvel"

With Valentines Day coming up soon and the prices of roses about to explode, Marvel Comics has a different way for you to feel the love. CBR News spoke with editor Aubrey Sitterson about the "I Heart Marvel" event in February. Includes preview art.

Issue #22

Are you a singles or trade paperback kind of reader? Do you think we're living in a Renaissance age for comics, or is everything being publisher these days crappy? Erik takes a look at both sides of many of the arguments comic fans and creators have today.

In his first FLOGGING, Paul gushes over ABC's hit reality series, "The Bachelor," proclaiming it to be, quite simply, the greatest show to ever air on prime time television.

Energy Boost: Hilinski talks "HyperActives"

With a quick sell-out of issue #0, "HyperActives" is already a small-press success. The rest of the initial mini-series promises even more thrills, according to co-creator and artist Clint Hilinksi, who spoke to CBR News and provided exclusive preview art.

A New Costume For Spider-Man?

Marvel Comics promised a new costume for Spider-Man after the "Other" event and it seems that the change may be more radical than expected. A newly released image hints at what may be the new uniform for, arguably, the world's most popular super-hero.

Issue #226

With last week's column stirred up considerable conversation, Steven responds to the chatter. Plus, a report from this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a look at recently debuted TV shows and much more.

Issue #19

After last week's missive, Robert follows-up for those of you who may have had your feathers ruffled by showing you some early work he never got published. Plus a look at one relative newcomers break into comics and his next book, "Hector Plasm," coming from Image.

Pipeline, Issue #448

Fed up by stack of long boxes that you can't access? Augie looks at a new kind of comic book box that uses drawers. Also, what's going on with Marvel's hardcover program? And more one-liners.

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