Comics2Film Wrap for March 11th, 2003

Tom Sawyer leads the 'League.' Who the heck is Matthew Bomer? Tony Harris takes a peek at the 'Starman' pilot script. 'Bulletproof Monk' got game and YOU could be the next Jughead Jones!

Pipeline, Issue #300

Pipeline celebrates its 300th column with a look at four diverse graphic novels: 'Queen and Country,' 'Bouncer,' 'Nightwing: The Hunt for Oracle,' and 'Zachary Holmes.'

Rich reveals plans for the first Mark Millar Epic project at Marvel. Future Comics past haunts them mightily. Alex Ross shares his feelings about Marvel regarding the handling of "Earth X." What's the status of "Transformers: Profiles?" The cover to "Youngblood: Bloodsport" and, naturally, much more.

Kunkel touches 'Herobear's' nose

'Herobear & The Kid' is on its way to the big screen as a Universal Pictures animated feature. Mike Kunkel, the comic's creator and the movie's director, updated Comics2Film on the progress being made in bringing his creation to animated life.

Corey Burton delivers a shock to the brain

Veteran voice actor Corey Burton returns to the role of Brainiac on this weekend's crossover installment of 'Static Shock!' We spoke with Burton about reprising the role he originated on the 'Superman' animated show.

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