Todd Allen takes a long look at the performance of publishers in 2007 who aren't DC, Marvel, Image or Dark Horse -- which back of the catalog publisher had the biggest hit in 2007? Who led in graphic novels? Who should be watched closely in 2008? Read on.

George sits down with Greg Preston, author/photographer behind "The Artist Within," a unique book filled with portraits of comic creators in their studios like Jack Kirby, John Severin, Moebius, Alex Toth and many others, and discusses the 15 year journey he took in creating this book.

Marvel Comics On Sale January 30, 2008

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you previews of new comics on sale next week including "Daredevil" #104, "Fantastic Four" #553, "Mighty Avengers" #8, "Ultimate X-Men" #90 and much more.

Carey Wakes Up "The Stranded"

"X-Men: Legacy" writer Mike Carey talks with CBR News about his new book, the first to arrive from the joint venture between SCI FI Channel and Virgin Comics, "The Stranded."

Hollywood 2.0: New Frontiers in New Media, Part 2

In part two of our look at the new media issues underpinning the WGA Strike, Emmett Furey looks into how writers are monetizing the Internet and talks with online entertainment pioneers Kent "Ask A Ninja" Nochols, Rob LaZebnik and Marshall Herskovitz.

Crossing Logan: Millar Returns to "Wolverine"

Not sure what news is bigger? Millar and McNiven teaming on a futuristic Logan-centric "Dark Knight Returns" epic or the fact their eight-issue "Wolverine" run ties in directly with the superstar writer's "Twilight Zone"-inspired "Fantastic Four." Millar tells all.

Continuity -- it's something comic fans love and obsess over. What does Keith Giffen think of continuity and all that comes with it? Does he obsess over events and timelines? His answer may surprise you.

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