This week, Tim's practically drowning in anthologies and there's a definite dreamlike quality to what he discovers.  Join him for an exploration into "Comic Book Tattoo," "MySpace Dark Horse Presents," and "Mome."

Van Sciver: The "Rebirth" Of Cool

Superstar artist Ethan Van Sciver defends for CBR News the return of Barry Allen in "The Flash: Rebirth," shares his love of Jack Cole's Plastic Man, and discusses his fondness for DC's bearded King of the Sea.

The Flash #243

Tom Peyer and Freddie Williams II draw their chapter of the life and times of Wally West (and family) to a close in a showdown in Gorilla City, but not all of the characters leave this issue in the same state they start it.

X-POSITION: Marc Guggenheim

"Young X-Men" writer Marc Guggenheim answers your questions about the book, previews exclusive artwork, and hides a few hints to future stories in this week's all new, all different X-POSITION.

This week in Pipeline: Augie ponders the role of a comics critic in a creator's life while offering lettering criticism along the way. Also, play a game of "Guess the Artist," Marvel comics from the mid-90s, and plenty more!

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