Down Through the Chimney: Posehn & Duggan talk "The Last Christmas"

The apocalypse may have turned the world into one nasty place, but that won't stop Santa from spreading Christmas cheer, even if it means doing it with a gun. That's "The Last Christmas," a six-issue series written by Brian Posehn & Gerard Duggan. CBR News spoke with the writers about their two fisted tale of yuletide action and humor.

Issue #29

Erik shares the journey he took with the Marvel Comics character Nova, from the first time he read his adventures, through a period where his interest in the character waned, then his own chance to put his stamp on the character.

Jason Pearson calls it a comeback in a big week of comics, including Keith Giffen teaching us how to really start an interstellar war, Marv Wolfman making sense of "Infinite Crisis," Daniel Way and Steve Dillon making sweet, sweet comics together and more!

In Depth With Greg Weisman & "Gargoyles"

Ten years after its cancellation, Disney's "Gargoyles" is still a fan favorite. This summer, a new comic series debuts from Slave Labor Publishing, written by series creator Greg Weisman. We spoke with Weisman about the series and also have an exclusive first look at art from the series.

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