"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Parker Posey

In the film "Superman Returns," actress Parker Posey plays Kitty Koslowski, Lex Luthors girlfriend. During the junket Friday, Parker discusses how she came to be involved with "Superman Returns," her characters relationship with Lex Luthor and more.

"Superman Returns" Press Junket - Brandon Routh

We continue our reports from the "Superman Returns" press junket. Next up is actor Brandon Routh, who discussed the challenges of playing Clark Kent/Superman and what he learned as an actor from this production and in working with Bryan Singer.

Issue #41

Erik goes back to his youth to share stories of his early comics fandom and the early steps he took that transformed him from a comic fan to a comic industry professional.

Paul gets a bad haircut and hunts squirrel. Or is it chipmunk?

"Children Of The Grave" and Tom Waltz Rise At IDW

It started out as a mini-series from a small press publisher and graduated to a trade collection from a larger publisher. The series is "Children of the Grave" and we spoke with writer Tom Waltz about the series and it's new collection from IDW Publishing.

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