Jay Faerber Fights For His "Noble Causes"

It's rare that a new super hero comic survives its first year, but Image Comics' "Noble Causes" has bucked the trend. Writer Jay Faerber spoke to CBR News about the book's longevity and what's next.

Just two books make it home this week, with Warren Ellis twisting the past and Robert Kirkman enshrining it, plus tons of "Infinite Crisis" fallout and you wouldn't like Norrin Radd when he's angry ...

With his wife Nigh Perfect about to begin a two-week run as guest columnist, Paul preempts her inevitable efforts to embarrass him by embarrassing her first.

Michael Nelson On Breaking In, "War of the Worlds" and "X Isle"

Michael Alan Nelson has seen his life change rather dramatically in recent years. Discovering comics only six years ago, he's thrown himelf into the industry writing "War of the Worlds: Second Wave" and "X Isle" for Boom! Studios. We caught up with Nelson to learn more about his journey, plans for both books and more.

Issue #238

This week's PERMANENT DAMAGE is a monster, with thoughts on and lessons learned from the "V for Vendetta" film, a lengthy list of coming work from a wide variety of comics creators and much, much more. Updated

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