Exploring Adventure with "Athena Voltaire"

While it started life as a webcomic and suffered the collapse of one publishing company, "Athena Voltaire" has found a new home with Ape Entertainment. We spoke with the creative team of Steve Brant, Paul Daly and Chad Fidler about this adventure comic in the style of "Indiana Jones" and "Tomb Raider."

Three jumps and some serious laughs lead off another winning week, with "Checkmate," "Fear Agent," "Cable & Deadpool" and much more, including a commentary about the "whys" behind these reviews in a Very Special Episode (tm) of The Buy Pile.

Issue #42

Erik shares a story from his early years, when he moved away from home and made his first big push into comics, working in a shared studio on Mississippi Street in San Francisco.

Getting Sketchy with Dave Johnson

With the "Dave Johnson Full-Color Sketchbook 2006" coming from Boom! Studios this August, we caught up with Johnson for a quick chat on what we can expect to find in this, his second sketchbook.

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