Touring the Decimation: Hine talks "Son of M" and "X-Men the 198"

Following "House of M," life for mutants in the Marvel U became much more frightening. As part of the "Decimation" story line, David Hine brings two perspectives to the Post "House of M" world. In "Son of M," readers see the world through the eyes of a single mutant, while "X-Men: The 198" shows readers the world through a group perspective.

Not the Last Samurai: Lusen talks "Dead Samurai"

Aron Lusen may be better known as part of the coloring studio Liquid!, but later this month you'll know him better as the creator of "Dead Samurai." With dynamic visuals, Lusen tells the story of one former Samurai who returns home only to find the local samurai showing up dead.

"Get Lost" with "Dimona3" From Israel

This January sees the release of "Dimona3," an anthology comic from the Dimona Comix Group in Israel. Dimona's provided CBR News with a five page preview by creator Guy Morad.

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